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Jembatan Vembanad Rail

Panjang4.620,00 m
Lebar5,00 m
Kondisi UmumAktif
Jenis JembatanConcrete Box Girder
Tanggal MulaiJuni 2007
Tanggal Selesai31 Maret 2010
Tanggal Peresmian11 Februari 2011
Latitude (GPS)10.0060000000000000
Longitude (GPS)76.2580000000000400

Vembanad Rail Bridge in the state of Kerala is a rail connecting Edappally and Vallarpadam in Kochi . It is the longest rail bridge in India .[1] The line is dedicated solely for freight.


The bridge started on June 2007 and was completed on 31 March 2010. The rail bridge is being built by Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd. A Government of India Entreprise (RVNL).


The link from Edapally to Vallarpadam start from Edapally running 3 km parallel to an existing track until it reaches Vaduthala. The rail line then passes through the Vembanad Bridge through 3 small islands, including the Idyakkara and Mulavukadu islands,Vembanad Lake to reach Vallarpadam. 80% of the bridge is constructed over water.


A total of 11700 tonnes of reinforced steel, 58000 tonnes of cement, 99000 cubic metre of metal aggregates, 73500 cubic metre of sand, 127000 cubic metre of concrete work and 154308 cubic metre of earth work went into this project.[1]

The bridge is constructed over pile foundations at 133 locations. The bridge comprises 231 girders, each weighing 220 tonnes. The bridge has 132 spans consisting of 33 spans of 20 m and 99 spans of 40 m which are made of PSC girders and cater to electric traction.

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