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Jembatan Froschgrundsee

Panjang798,00 m
Lebar14,30 m
Bentang Terpanjang270,00 m
Kondisi UmumAktif
Jenis JembatanBalok pelengkung
Tanggal Selesai2010
Tanggal Peresmian2010
Latitude (GPS)50.3546940000000000
Longitude (GPS)11.0224439999999500

Just north of Coburg in Bavaria stands one of the biggest concrete arched bridges in Germany: The viaduct across the Frosch- grundsee reservoir is part of the new ICE high-speed railway line between Nuremberg and Berlin. The centrepiece of this 798 m long viaduct is its 270 m arch, which spans the waters of the Froschgrundsee at a height of 65 m. The superstructure was built as a single-cell reinforced concrete box girder using the incremental launching method. Deutsche Doka planned and supplied the formwork solutions for the piers and for the arch, which was constructed using the cantilever method. The outside formwork for the conical piers was an outsize column formwork based on Doka large-area formwork Top 50, faced as specified with tongue-and-groove boards. Because of the changes in the cross-section it was designed to be tel- escoped, without any fitting- elements. The two halves of the arch were constructed in 2 x 29 casting steps, using a largely rentable outside formwork consisting of Doka large-area formwork Top 50 on Wito cantilever forming travellers. The inside form- work is a frame construction assembled from SL1 system beams and Large-area form- work Top 50. Heavy-duty SL1 spindle struts with a quick-motion adjusting range allow the formwork to be telescoped very quickly.

Project data

Piers, arch

Coburg, Germany

Structure data

Length                  : 798 m

Width                    : 14.3 m

Height                   : max. 65 m

Arch span            : 270 m

Extra information

Tongue-and-groove board

finish on all concrete faces


Adam Hörnig

Baugesellschaft GmbH & Co.,



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