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Jembatan Lixiangxi

Panjang930,00 m
Bentang Terpanjang180,00 m
Pilar Tertinggi74,00 m
Kondisi UmumProgress
Jenis JembatanConcrete Box Girder
Tanggal Selesai2014
Tanggal Peresmian2014
Latitude (GPS)29.6478260000000000
Longitude (GPS)107.1174570000000600

Lixiangxi Bridge crosses the Youjiang River on a mountain expressway that connects Fuling city with Chongqing city on the south side of the Yangtze River. The 4-lane route also has 2 other beam bridges over 100 meters high.

The lower reaches of the Youjiang River are under several meters of the 3 Gorges reservoir when the lake is mostly full at 175 meters. The engineers opted to cross the lake with one long span of 180 meters. The total bridge configuration is 9x40 +95.4+180+95.4 +5x40 meters. The two main piers are 74 and 72 meters tall.

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